Auburn Trustee Selection Committee announces appointment to the university's board

Published: February 05, 2015
Updated: February 10, 2015
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The Auburn University Trustee Selection Committee, chaired by Chief of Staff Seth Hammett representing Gov. Robert Bentley, on Thursday, February 5, appointed Gaines Lanier to the District 5 position. His name will be forwarded to the Alabama State Senate for consideration for confirmation.

Gov. Bentley thanked the 19 individuals nominated for the open position.

"Auburn has an outstanding Board of Trustees who are committed to making the university the best it can be for students, faculty and staff. We had many highly-qualified individuals eager to serve on this board position, and I appreciate the willingness of each person to participate in today's process," said Bentley, who is president of the university's governing body.

The selection committee was composed of Gov. Bentley, current Auburn Trustees Charles McCrary and Raymond Harbert and two members of the Auburn Alumni Association Board, Beau Byrd and Bob Jones.

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