Southeastern Raptor Center kicks off auction of gameday eagle jesses and lures

Published: November 19, 2014
Updated: August 20, 2015
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AUBURN UNIVERSITY – Auburn University's Southeastern Raptor Center has begun the first in a series of live online auctions of one-of-a-kind jesses and lures handcrafted especially for the Auburn eagle's gameday flight to support the center's mission of rehabilitation and conservation.

The custom jesses, which are cuffs worn around the eagle's ankles and straps, and the lure, used to entice the eagle to land midfield, are hand-crafted Auburn items made by volunteers and used one time – during the Auburn eagle's pre-game flight.

The first auction – for the lure from the Auburn vs. San Jose State game – is now underway.

The starting bid for non-SEC game lures, including San Jose State, is $200, while SEC games will start at $500.

Acceptable payments for the winning bid include personal checks, business checks and credit cards. Fans can place bids at the auction site by going to and searching for "Auburn lure."

Money raised by the auction will benefit the Southeastern Raptor Center with its mission of education, rehabilitation and conservation for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Auburn University's College of Veterinary Medicine.

With the holiday season coming up, fans will have the opportunity to support the Southeastern Raptor Center and own a piece of Auburn Tigers Football history.

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