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The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures in the College of Liberal Arts is offering an introductory Portuguese language course (FLNG 1010) this fall. The course is open to any major and there are no prerequisites for registration. 

Portuguese is the fifth most natively spoken language in the world and the third in the Western world. Portuguese is established as an official language in Portugal, Guinea-Bissau, Angola, Cape Verde, Brazil, Mozambique, East Timor, São Tomé and Princípe and Equatorial Guinea.

Currently, approximately 250 million people in the world speak Portuguese, and Brazil accounts for about 80 percent of this total. Brazil is the fifth most populous country in the world and has one of the world’s fastest growing economies.

Recognizing its growing local influence, Auburn University, in partnership with the government of the Brazilian State of Pernambuco, established the Auburn University Brazil Center in 2014 to promote understanding of Brazilian culture and Portuguese language. 

Students interested in enrolling in the course should send an email to Questions should be directed to Hugo dos Santos at