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Auburn students can now scan instead of swipe with the TigerCard mobile app.

This past spring, Auburn University worked with CBORD Group Inc. to develop a mobile TigerCard app.

The app, called GET Mobile, allows students to access their Tiger Club and dining accounts conveniently. A barcode located on the main screen can be swiped at all on-campus dining venues. Students are also able to view balances and add funds to their TigerCard easily.

To activate the app, students must have at least one TigerCard printed out and registered with the university.

One feature that could save students from purchasing a new TigerCard, is the ability to deactivate and reactivate a card. This can come in handy when students misplace their cards.

“Before this [reactivation feature] it was a process. You had to be online and figure out a ton of different things and this makes it so much easier”, said Kelsey Prather, communications and marketing specialist for auxiliary services.

In regards to TigerCard security, the bar code updates every 5-10 seconds, so students don’t have to worry about a screen shot identity crisis.

Since the app is still being introduced to Auburn’s campus, there are some limitations. The on-campus dining app cannot be used at the food trucks, and although there are some off-campus dining options available, some still may not have the scanner necessary. Students are advised to carry their physical card, as it is still necessary for identification at offices around campus.

Although this is a huge improvement from only having a physical card, there are still some improvements CBORD and Auburn continue to work on. Their next goals are collaborating with athletics concessions, Ralph Brown Draughon Library and residence halls.

For more information on the TigerCard app, visit the website or call 844-4507.