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Due to safety concerns associated with hoverboards that have been raised by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC, and the potential impact to the safety of the community, effective Jan. 6, 2016, Auburn University is instituting a temporary ban on these devices.

Until further notice, the use of self-balancing devices inside of university facilities is banned, and charging of these devices is prohibited in all university facilities (owned or leased). This action is being taken as part of the university's efforts to maintain a safe campus through a comprehensive fire prevention program. Restrictions will remain in place until safety concerns are resolved.   

Several agencies are investigating fires and injuries related to these devices. This link provides information from the CPSC. 

Individuals who are returning to campus via air travel are encouraged to review their airline's policy regarding hoverboards as most/all major airlines do not allow the devices on their planes. Taking a few minutes to check with your airline prior to travel might save time and inconvenience while traveling to Auburn.

As you return to campus after the holidays, remember that campus safety is a community responsibility. Please be aware of potential hazards and be mindful of others by not introducing potential hazards to the community. Safety tips and precautions from the National Fire Protection Association can be found on the Hoverboard Tip Sheet.