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Jan Kavookjian, associate professor in Health Outcomes Research and Policy, recently joined the Board of Directors for the American Association of Diabetes Educators, or AADE. AADE is a multi-disciplinary professional membership organization dedicated to improving diabetes care through innovative education, management and support. The organization has more than 14,000 professional members including nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, exercise specialists and others. Kavookjian has been heavily involved with AADE for more than ten years as her research has a primary focus in diabetes. She is also serving her second invited term on the Research Committee, and was just invited to co-lead a social/behavioral focused initiative that will inform AADE directions and annual meeting programming. Additionally, she is also currently serving as the invited lead and corresponding author for an interdisciplinary research group conducting a large systematic review endeavor looking at diabetes education effects on hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) risk mitigation.