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Auburn University Body Image Education and Eating Disorders Awareness, or AUBIE-EDA, is hosting Love Your Body Week Feb. 26-March 2 which falls in both National Eating Disorder Awareness Week in February and National Nutrition Month in March. AUBIE-EDA is partnering with the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness, the Be Well Hut, Tiger Dining, Castlewood Treatment Centers and the Campus Recreation Center for the events.

Love Your Body Week 2018 is a celebration of health and recovery. This week is devoted to raising awareness of eating disorders and disordered eating and sharing the good news that numbers on the scale and societal pressure do not define our health.

Monday: #MirrorlessMonday: Visit AUBIE-EDA on the concourse for a mirrorless challenge.

Tuesday: #TalkAboutItTuesday: Follow @auburnhealth for recovery stories to inspire and motivate self-kindness and wellbeing.

Wednesday: #NoWeighWednesday: AUBIE-EDA is teaming up with Southern Smash and Castlewood Treatment Centers to bring scales to their proper end. Students can play cornhole, win a prize and smash a scale for yourself or someone you want to support. Learn how to help a friend and have some fun along the way.

Thursday: #TreatYourBodyThursday: Come out to the Rec Center for the annual Yoga Rave, a celebration of life with free food, drinks and yoga.

Friday: #AllFoodsFitFriday: Tiger Dining will be joining us on the concourse with free chocolates for everyone.

For more information, join AUBIE-EDA on AU Involve or email the Nutrition Team to get involved.