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The Auburn Aesthetics Forum is hosting a micro-conference on Thursday, March 1 and Friday, March 2. The micro-conference focuses on two talks. The first talk, “Cultural Appropriation and the Intimacy of Groups,” will be on Thursday, March 1, in 2250 Mell Classroom Building at 4 p.m. The second talk, “Games and the Art of Agency,” and will be held in 136 Ross Hall at 3 p.m. on Friday, March 2.

The talks are sponsored by both the Department Philosophy and the Auburn Aesthetics Forum and are free and open to all.

Thursday's talk will feature C. Thi Nguyen from Utah Valley University and Matthew Strohl from the University of Montana, while Friday's talk will feature Strohl.

C. Thi Nguyen works in social epistemology and aesthetics at Utah Valley University, where he is an assistant professor. He also works in the philosophy of games and is on the editorial board of the newly forming Journal of the Philosophy of Games. He is assistant editor at Aesthetics for Birds and chair of the diversity committee for the American Society for Aesthetics.

Strohl is an associate professor of philosophy at the University of Montana, where he researches ancient philosophy, ethics, and aesthetics. His selected publications include "Horror and Hedonic Ambivalence" and "Pleasure as Perfection: Nicomachean Ethics X.4-5."

More information about the micro-conference is available online