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To help support the continued cleanliness of Auburn's campus and the community around it, a new drop-off site has been created to make recycling easier for the Auburn Family.

Located on West Thach Avenue in the rear of West Campus Parking next to the Auburn University Band Practice Complex, the site has separate bins for recycling mixed paper and containers, including plastics, aluminum, steel and tin, along with a dumpster for recycling cardboard.

"We saw a need to provide an opportunity to recycle to those who do not have access to recycling at their homes or apartment complexes," said Joan Hicken, coordinator for Facilities Management's Waste Reduction and Recycling Department. "This site offers an easy way for them to recycle and will benefit the campus community by capturing additional recyclables and diverting them from the waste stream."

The site was implemented by the department and is open for use by all members of the Auburn Family. It already has found plenty of use by visitors and community members.

"There are no recycling services where I currently live, off campus," said Hayden Billingsley, a junior in industrial engineering. "The new site is perfectly placed because commuters can drop off their recyclables before or after classes."

Acceptable materials consist of mixed paper, plastics, aluminum, steel, tin and cardboard. Mixed paper includes copy and colored paper, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, newspapers, inserts, phone books and dry food boxes. Containers include water and soda bottles, sports drink bottles, milk jugs, shampoo/conditioner bottles, laundry detergent and fabric softeners bottles, aluminum cans and steel/tin cans.

The site does not accept garbage, glass, plastic bags and materials in plastic bags. There is signage on the fence listing acceptable materials, as well as on the bins, directing users where to put their recycling.

For more information about the recycling center or the Waste Reduction and Recycling Department, call 844-9461.