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Sabit Adanur, professor in mechanical engineering, has published the second edition of the book "Paper Machine Clothing" with a group of professionals from AstenJohnson University in Dec. 2017. Since its first edition in 1997, the book has been an industry standard for papermakers in the pulp and paper industry. In addition to the design, manufacturing and testing of forming, press and dryer fabrics, the new book has been revised and expanded to include more topics related to paper machine operations and LeanSigma.

Forming, press and dryer fabrics are used on paper machines to make paper and related products. Forming fabrics are used to drain the water in the slurry and form the sheet web. The sheet web is then transported to press fabrics in the press section to extract more water and to dryer fabrics in the drying section to dry the paper. Papermaking is a multidisciplinary area that combines textile engineering, chemical engineering and mechanical engineering. The book provides information to the professionals as well as academicians in these areas related to papermaking. More information about the PMC book can be found here.