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After rigorous review of evidence-based practices in student evaluation processes, the Teaching Effectiveness Committee has revised the AU eValuate questions to provide more meaningful feedback to faculty on how to improve their teaching.

The new questions are applicable to a range of teaching methodologies and align with Chickering and Gamson’s “Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education.” The new AU eValuate questions will be available with this feedback cycle Dec. 2-10. Faculty may wish to share these videos with their students before asking them to complete the AU eValuate questions.

The information in the videos will help students identify teaching behaviors so they can best respond to the new survey items. Additionally, the committee recommends allowing approximately 10 minutes at the beginning of class for students to respond to the questions using a mobile device to help improve response rates.

New AU eValuate Questions:

  1. I was encouraged to interact with the instructor regarding course content (electronically, during office hours, in class, etc.).
  2. I was provided opportunities to cooperate with other classmates about course material (electronically, inside or outside of class, etc.).
  3. I was informed of the instructor’s high expectations for my work in this course.
  4. I was provided with an evaluation of my academic progress at regular intervals during the semester.
  5. I was provided with ample opportunities to apply my learning in this course.
  6. I was prompted to think critically about the course material.
  7. I was provided an environment that supported my learning.
  8. Please provide additional actionable feedback related to instruction (strengths or areas of improvement).