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Three solar charging tables were recently installed on Auburn’s campus. The tables provide a sustainable means for students to charge their electronic devices while also creating additional outdoor study space.

“I think that the tables are a great idea,” said Beth Sugar, a sophomore in finance. “My phone battery always loses power before the end of the day.”

The tables resemble those currently used in various dining locations across campus, but instead of a typical umbrella, they include a shade structure which doubles as a solar panel. There are four solar panels located on each table canopy (three 55-watt panels and one 100-watt panel). The panels have adjustable angular settings for optimal solar exposure.

Each table provides seating for eight and includes four electrical outlets, four USB outlets and four Qi enabled (wireless) charging areas on the tabletop surface.

Two tables are located outside of Foy Hall adjacent to Chicken Salad Chick while the other is located next to Lupton Hall in the AU Smokehouse seating area.

“I like that I can sit outside and charge my laptop and phone,” said Victor Jones, a junior in mechanical engineering. “I definitely think people will get good use out of the tables.”

The Student Government Association initiated the project and worked with Facilities Management to bring the tables to campus.

“The SGA received a large amount of feedback from students about the need for more outdoor study space,” said David Facteau, SGA executive vice president of initiatives. “With this feedback in mind, we approached Facilities Management and brainstormed possible solutions. We found the solar power charging tables to be a great fit for campus. We are excited about their installation, and we have been encouraged to see students utilizing the spaces.”

There are several signs on each table to help educate users on their features and how to activate power lights and wireless phone charges.