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Evidence of programmatic learning improvement is rare in higher education in the United States (Blaich and Wise, 2011). The Biggio Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning and the Office of Academic Assessment created the Learning Improvement and Curricular Innovation project which will generate data to support Auburn University’s compelling learning stories while also supporting continuous learning improvement.

Following a rigorous application process, the inaugural cohort of learning improvement/curricular innovation teams have been selected. These intrepid faculty are laying the foundation for learning improvement in their programs. These teams began by identifying a single learning outcome, and will now work to create a robust measure of current student learning relative to the outcome, develop an innovative curricular strategy for improvement and then reassess to determine the impact of their innovation on student learning. 

The teams are: 

College of Agriculture: Animal Sciences, B.S. (Carolyn Huntington, Christy Bratcher, Grey Parks)

Harbert College of Business: Business Administration, B.S. (Liesl Reiners-Schutt, Norman Godwin)

College of Liberal Arts: Theater B.A./B.F.A (Chase Bringardner, Tessa Carr, Sarah Chandler, Daydrie Hague, Fereshteh Rostampour)

School of Nursing: Nursing B.S.N., (Libba McMillan, Caralise Hunt, Francine Parker, Tanya Johnson)

College of Science and Mathematics: Biological Science B.S., (Robert Boyd, Jason Bond, Joanna Diller, Debbie Folkerts, Mary Mendonca, Anthony Moss, Sang-Jin Suh, Valerie Tisdale, Djibo Zanzot)

College of Veterinary Medicine: Veterinary Medicine, D.V.M., (Glen Sellers, Heather Gideon)