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Logging into systems is about to get much more secure, because limiting access to your personal information and sensitive data is important.

Duo Security is the product Auburn University uses for securing logins with two-factor authentication, which is a secondary proof of identity such as being in possession of your smartphone in addition to knowing your password. The Office of Information Technology will begin expanding the number of systems and applications that require two-factor authentication on Oct. 31. Everyone will be required to use Duo to access these sensitive data systems, such as Self-Service Banner. This is the same system that is currently in place for access to Outlook Web Access email from off-campus and the Cisco VPN Client.

If you have not registered a device with Duo, you should take care of that today, so you are not prevented from using systems on Oct. 31. You are also strongly encouraged to register at least two devices, such as a smartphone and a landline, for two-factor authentication with Duo.
Account activation and device registration is available online. If you need assistance registering a device, visit the self-help documentation on the website or contact your IT Provider.