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Assistant Professor of Sociology Tal Peretz, from the College of Liberal Arts, was recently interviewed by The New York Times to comment on the emerging idea of faux male feminism. Peretz, faculty since 2015, has researched and participated in anti-sexist and anti-violence activism for over a decade. He specializes in gender studies and is an author of the book “Some Men: Feminist Allies and the Movement to End Violence Against Women.” In the Times article, he discusses the learning curve of men getting involved in the women’s rights movement and how men are given special treatment for even small instances of treating women equally—what Peretz has coined as “the pedestal effect.” Read the full article on the Times website. 

In 2016, Peretz received the Pacific Sociological Association Distinguished Scholarship award. In addition to teaching, he contributes to the blog, Masculinities 101. To learn more about Peretz and his research, read his bio on the CLA website.