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Training courses for Responsible Employees and Campus Security Authorities will be offered Oct. 23 and Nov. 16. Employees may register for these courses via Fast-Train on the Professional Development and Training section of AU Access.

Title IX Rights and Obligations for AU Employees:

This course provides an overview of Title IX requirements for employees regarding the definition and role of a responsible employee; what constitutes sexual misconduct; measures to take to prevent sexual misconduct; how to report offenses under Title IX; and resources available for survivors of sexual misconduct.

Campus Security Authorities Training:

Campus Security Authorities, or CSAs, are required to report certain criminal offenses as outlined by federal law, specifically crimes identified by the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, or the Clery Act. This course explains the basics of the Clery Act; defines who is classified as a CSA; identifies the types of crimes required to be reported; and instructs CSAs on when and how to report crimes.