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Beginning Oct. 1, Auburn University’s Risk Management and Safety Department, or RMS, will release an official policy on minimum insurance requirements for third party vendors. This policy is meant to further advise members of the university community, such as those who have signature authority, during their negotiation agreements with third parties.

The official policy establishes clear guidelines while protecting Auburn University from the risks that can often arise when doing business with third parties. Insurance requirements must be included in ALL contracts between third parties and the university, and all third parties must provide a certificate of insurance, among other requirements. Examples of third parties falling under this requirement includes exhibitors; contractors; promotional vendors; business vendors; non-profits hosting an event on campus; anyone hosting a large scale event on campus; and caterers or other food vendors.

To see the full policy, as well as a list of exemptions, visit the Auburn University
Minimum Insurance Requirements for Vendors page on the RMS website. Questions or comments can be directed to the Risk Management and Insurance Department, also at 844-4533.