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The overhead power line located on the south end of Jordan-Hare Stadium is being moved underground to allow for construction of the Gameday Support Building.

To support this work, the electrical loads on Duncan Substation will be shifted to the Hemlock Substation in the early morning of Saturday, July 29.* The work is to take place with no anticipated blink or loss of service to buildings on Auburn University’s main campus. Once the work is complete, the electrical loads will be shifted back to the Duncan Substation late in the evening on July 29.

Load reducing efforts will be required to keep the Hemlock Substation from being overloaded. One of these efforts will include raising thermostats a couple of degrees to help reduce the electrical load created by air conditioning systems. As a result, some buildings may experience warmer than normal temperatures during the day.

In addition, any assistance the campus community can provide will be appreciated. For example, turning off computers, lights, coffeemakers, printers, etc., will help us reduce the electrical loads before and during the weekend.

Although a blink or power outage is not anticipated, the possibility does exist. Plan accordingly and take any safeguards that may be prudent. Thank you for your support.

If you have any questions regarding this event, contact Ken Martin, Facilities Management director of utilities and energy, at 844-9401 or

*In the event of inclement weather on July 29, the outage will move to Sunday, July 30.