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Auburn University Provost Timothy Boosinger has announced the names of faculty who have been awarded promotion, tenure or both at Auburn University for 2017. The faculty members, by college, school and/or department, are:

Associate Professor

Samuel Ginn College of Engineering: Roy Knight, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Associate Professor with Tenure

College of Agriculture: Luxin Wang, Department of Animal Sciences

College of Architecture, Design and Construction: Robert Finkel, School of Industrial and Graphic Design; Margaret Fletcher, School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture; Courtney Windham, School of Industrial and Graphic Design

Raymond J. Harbert College of Business: Rafay Ishfaq, Department of Systems and Technology; Brian Vansant, Department of Accountancy 

College of Education: Matthew Miller, School of Kinesiology; Michael Roberts, School of Kinesiology; Brandon Sams, Department of Curriculum and Teaching

College of Human Sciences: Lindsay Tan, Department of Consumer and Design Sciences

College of Liberal Arts: Kelly Kennington, Department of History; Jesse Michel, Department of Psychology; Jay Mittal, Department of Political Science; Timothy Sundell, Department of Philosophy

School of Nursing: Caralise Hunt

College of Sciences and Mathematics: Guanqun Cao, Department of Mathematics and Statistics; Kaijun Liu, Department of Physics; Chandana Mitra, Department of Geosciences

College of Veterinary Medicine: Satyanarayana Pondugula, Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology

Librarian III with Tenure

Adelia Grabowsky, Reference


College of Agriculture: Sushil Adhikari, Department of Biosystems Engineering; Charles Chen, Department of Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences 

College of Architecture, Design and Construction: Salman Azhar, School of Building Science 

College of Education: Annette Kluck, Department of Special Education, Rehabilitation and Counseling; Jared Russell, School of Kinesiology

Samuel Ginn College of Engineering: Maria Auad, Department of Chemical Engineering; Sanjeev Baskiyar, Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering; Brian Thurow, Department of Aerospace Engineering; Rod Turochy, Department of Civil Engineering

School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences: Christopher Lepczyk; Brian Via

College of Human Sciences: Stephen Erath, Department of Human Development and Family Studies

College of Liberal Arts: John Carvalho, Department of Communication and Journalism; Ana Franco-Watkins, Department of Psychology; Christopher Keirstead, Department of English; Hyeongwoo Kim, Department of Economics; David Odom, Department of Music; Laura Plexico, Department of Communication Disorders; Fereshteh Rostampour, Department of Theatre; Jeremy Samolesky, Department of Music 

Harrison School of Pharmacy: Kimberly Braxton-Lloyd, Department of Pharmacy Health Services; Salisa Westrick, Department of Health Outcomes Research and Policy

College of Sciences and Mathematics: Eduardus Duin, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry; Xiaoying Han, Department of Mathematics and Statistics; Stuart Loch, Department of Physics; David Maurer, Department of Physics; Haibo Zou, Department of Geosciences


School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences: Zhaofei Fan, School of Forestry

College of Sciences and Mathematics: Sarit Dhar, Department of Physics; Uwe Konopka, Department of Physics


The approved candidates for promotion in the clinical/research/lecturer title series are: 


Associate Clinical Professor

David R. Crumbley, School of Nursing

Senior Lecturer

Raymond J. Harbert College of Business: Michael S. Kincaid, Department of Marketing

College of Liberal Arts: Alicia Almada, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures; Jeri Dickey, Department of Theatre; Ari Gutman, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures; Alex Holland, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures; Vivian Holland, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures; Viviane Koua, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures; Kerri Munoz, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures; Joshua Pifer, Department of Music; W. Scott Simkins, Department of English; Carrie Spell, Department of English; Kathryn Wickman, Department of English

College of Veterinary Medicine: Joe E. Rowe, Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology