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The Biggio Center’s second Spring into Mell workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 21 and Wednesday, Feb. 22. This four-part interactive workshop series will prepare Auburn faculty and GTA’s to teach in the new Mell/Ralph Brown Draughon Library Engaged in Active Student Learning or EASL classrooms. The workshops will be in 246 Foy Hall. Since the Tuesday session is full, second session has been added on Wednesday for those who have not registered for this event.

This workshop will teach faculty and GTA's how to use active learning furniture strategically to achieve student learning outcomes that go beyond content and how to create and maintain teams for collaborative and team-based learning.


Aligning course delivery with room configuration yields positive learning results. For instance, if a class plan calls for a lecture, allowing students to quickly move the furniture into rows will be more beneficial for students than leaving desks in pods. In this workshop, we will explore ways to incorporate the classroom space and layout into the class goals, assessments and activities.

To register and learn more about this workshop, go to the Biggio Center website