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Students in Auburn University's Harrison School of Pharmacy can help individuals in the Auburn/Opelika community who are dealing with chronic health conditions and taking multiple prescription medications. In routinely scheduled visits, student pharmacists can take blood pressure, check blood sugars, provide education on medications and medical devices, give diabetic foot exams and respond to health-related questions or concerns. They can also help those who may need assistance in understanding and coping with their medical conditions and managing their medications. Students work with their faculty and practicing pharmacists to provide ongoing assistance to the individual in their home. In addition to the pharmacy students, a social worker is available to assist with connecting participants with community resources related to finances, VA benefits and in-home support services. This program not only benefits the participant, but also students, as they are afforded the opportunity to receive mentoring and exposure to situations that will enhance their learning. For more information about this free service, contact Shannon Jones at 844-8345 or