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The FBI has issued a Public Service Announcement alerting campuses of a scam that could potentially target Auburn University students and recent graduates. Given the growing sophistication of scams hitting the campus community, The Office of Information Technology felt it was important to bring this to your attention.

The full report may be read at the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center website. Here is the scenario:

1. College students are targeted via email or online job postings with a fake job opportunity.

2. When the student accepts the job, they are informed they will receive their first paycheck, which will include additional funds that must be sent to a vendor to purchase required work materials.

3. The check that was cashed by the student is flagged by the bank as fraudulent and the student must pay back the full sum even though they have likely already sent money to the "vendor."

If students have any questions regarding this scam, contact the Cyber Security Team at