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The Auburn University chapter of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, or AAPS, will hold an informational session on Jan. 19, at 12 p.m. in 1315 Walker Building. AAPS is a globally recognized professional scientific organization founded in 1986, comprised of more than 10,000 members in academia, industry and government. AAPS encompasses a variety of scientific fields such as pharmaceutics, biopharmaceutics, chemistry, biology, engineering, medicine and other pharmacy fields of study.
The Auburn University chapter of AAPS, AU-AAPS, was founded in the fall of 2016 by five graduate students with the desire to establish a club for students researching within the areas of pharmaceuticals and the surrounding fields. AAPS strives to advance all fields dedicated to drug discovery, development and manufacturing of new pharmaceutical products and therapies. The goal of AU-AAPS is to provide professional development, learning experiences and leadership opportunities to graduate students to prepare them for their careers following graduation.