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Auburn Abroad, a division of the Office of International Programs, has launched two new short-term study abroad options for students interested in spending spring break 2017 overseas while earning Auburn credit. The faculty-led programs to Quebec City, Canada and Recife, Brazil provide students with a taste of the unique and vibrant cultures of these exciting cities.

Québec City, Canada
This 2017 Spring Break program runs March 11-18 and will introduce students to culture of a northern climate through sports, activities, food and more. In addition, students will be able to explore Québec City, a francophone city, to get a taste of Europe in North America. Activities will include: city tours, food and culture tours, a hockey game, snow-shoeing and dog-sledding. This program is perfect for students who have never experienced springtime in a colder climate; those who want to experience how climate changes culture; or for anyone looking for a spring break that is exciting and against the grain of traditional spring break experiences in the United States. For more information, visit the Auburn Abroad website.

Recife, Brazil
Participants in this program will be completely immersed in Brazilian culture for one week and get exciting opportunities to explore social factors, cultural environments and natural beauty unlike anywhere else in the world. From March 10-18, Auburn students will live with families and students of Pernambuco University while experiencing one of the fastest growing economies in the world. This is yet another great option for students looking for an ‘outside the box’ spring break experience. For more information, visit the Auburn Abroad website