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Wealthy investors tend to look for inventors with strong, patented ideas that can lead to the production of commercially-viable products. Unfortunately, many inventors do not understand this, or the fact that the shortest path to success of their invention goes through the pocket book of wealthy investors.

Paul Swamidass’ new book, “Engineering Entrepreneurship From Idea to Business Plan: A Guide for Innovative Engineers and Scientists,” provides the roadmap inventors need.

"This book is invaluable to inventive engineers/scientists, who can learn to apply themselves to inventing new products from their ideas using the technical skills they learn in their engineering or science professions," said Swamidass, Professor Emeritus at the Harbert College of Business and the former director of the Thomas Walter Center for Technology Management. "They learn how their invention/patent lays the foundation for business models, business plans, investments and startups--none of them matter if they do not invent new products from new ideas and apply for affordable patent protection as described in the book."

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