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Harvest for Health is a joint effort from UAB and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, or ACES, to initiate cancer survivors into the wonderful and rewarding world of gardening. UAB recruits survivors and ACES partners them with master gardeners, experts on all things horticultural. Together, these pairs work to construct and maintain raised bed gardens at cancer survivor's homes for growing herbs and vegetables. Gardening intervention programs such as this have been shown to increase fruit and vegetable intake, increase physical function and decrease body fat. All of these benefits are important for cancer survivors, who may be at increased risk of developing secondary cancers or other health conditions.

This program runs for 12 months, during which time participants will be visited regularly by their master gardener partners. Master gardeners will work to ensure smooth and steady progress, offering advice and tips as the year progresses. In addition to support and advising from an experienced gardening pro, all necessary supplies will be provided free of charge to all program participants. Those  interested should call 1-844-GROW-GR8 or contact a local extension agent for more information.