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The Southeastern Raptor Center, or SRC, will release six rehabilitated birds of prey Friday, Oct. 21, at Chewacla State Park, following the Football, Fans and Feathers education program at 4 p.m. at the SRC’s Edgar B. Carter Educational Amphitheatre, located at 1350 Pratt-Carden Drive.

The release, which includes five Great Horned Owls and one Red Tailed Hawk, is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. at Chewacla State Park, located off Shell Toomer Parkway in Auburn. The public is invited to attend the release; park admission prices may apply.

The bird release is planned to give birding enthusiasts and fans time to drive from the SRC to Chewacla State Park.

When injured raptors are brought to SRC, they are evaluated and treated with the goal of returning them to a suitable habitat in the wild, said Dr. Seth Oster, an avian veterinarian and director of the rehabilitation division at the SRC.

The raptors being released were brought to the center as orphans, and Chewacla State Park provides an appropriate habitat for their release, he added.