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Faculty and staff are invited to participate in a research study with the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology to understand food choice, expected consumption of food products and investment decisions. Any person over 19 and not a student is eligible to participate.

Participants will be asked to participate in a series of computerized pricing activities and a survey that should take an hour. Participants will be offered an average of $25 in cash, or cash and a food product, but the amount may be higher or lower. Individuals in the study will receive different payments. The study will take place Monday-Friday from Oct. 24 until Nov. 18. Participants can choose to participate in the study from 11:45-12:45 p.m. or 5:30-6:30 p.m. All sessions will take place on the campus of Auburn University.

Those interested in participating in the research study should call or email Norbert Wilson at 844-5616 or to indicate their availability.