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Auburn Family,

Every four years, our nation has a difficult decision to make. Families become divided, friends differ in opinions and tensions are high as we look to exercise our democratic rights. Election time can be tense across the country, especially at a university. We, your university political student groups, are writing you this letter to ensure that our campus is a safe place for civic responsibility but also for civil discourse. We want to remind you that your opinions, experiences and voices matter. Our goal is to collaborate on making Auburn an environment in which students become educated on the political process, on diverse perspectives and on how to be engaged citizens while maintaining a positive campus climate representative of the Auburn Creed.

In conjunction with the Student Government Association, we want to make Auburn University a prime example of what occurs when discussions are fostered, ideologies are challenged and respect is reinforced. As the time grows closer to Election Day, it is our collective hope that different views are met with conversations where hearts and minds are open. We must remember that politics and respect are not mutually exclusive. We must remember that we are one great nation and one great school. It is not our differences that separate us but instead our passion for civility and our love for all things Auburn that bind us. As we enter the next phase of this presidential election, let’s remember this phrase in our creed, “I believe in my Country, because it is a land of freedom and because it is my own home…” Join us in making Auburn a home that gives us pride.

To encourage students to be active in the election process, we have launched the Auburn voter registration initiative to help students register to vote and answer questions about the election process. The purpose of this initiative is to make it easier for you to be an engaged and educated voter. You can find us on the concourse every Wednesday until Oct. 19, or you can go to to find information about voter registration in all 50 states, Alabama absentee ballots, links to the candidates’ platforms and upcoming campus registration events. You can also find paper registration forms for all states and Alabama absentee ballot request forms in the Office of Student Involvement located in 3130 Student Center.

For all voter registration updates, be sure to follow our hashtag #AUvotes on social media.

War Eagle, and we will see you at the polls on Nov. 8!

College Democrats    
College Republicans   
Student Government Association
Young Americans for Liberty