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In lieu of past "Securing Breeden Grant Funding" panels, this year the Biggio Center will host an interactive Breeden Grant Workshop. This carousel-style workshop is modeled on a backward design process and includes five stations, facilitated by members of the Teaching Effectiveness Committee, for participants to rotate through during the 90-minute workshop. Participants are welcome to "jump in" to the station/stage they think will be most beneficial for them. Interested faculty can register online

Stations include:
1. Brainstorm: Participants will brainstorm and refine their grant idea.
2. Goals: Participants will explore the 'why' of their grant and specifically, its anticipated impact on student learning.
3. Assessment: Participants will create a plan to accurately assess their goals.
4. Activities: Participants will explore activity options (what will be done during the grant).
5. Dissemination: Participants will learn how to meaningfully share their findings.

The Daniel F. Breeden Endowed Grant Program supports teaching and learning projects that directly benefit the instructor, students and Auburn University's overall teaching program. Approximately $30,000 is available each academic year for awards. The Breeden Program is managed by the Biggio Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning; the grant review and selection panel is drawn from the University Senate Teaching Effectiveness Committee.