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Stephen Ditchkoff, wildlife professor in the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, has launched a partnership with Deer and Deer Hunting magazine to provide deer enthusiasts with cutting-edge insights on white-tailed deer research, behavior and biology.

The arrangement will require the Deer Lab research team to produce print articles and blog/social media posts, as well as featured television segments for the media group’s three cable programs. The magazine’s Facebook page boasts 633,924 followers. Within their media kit they advertise a readership of 200,000 for the magazine; 250,000 monthly visitors to its website; and 280,000 cumulative viewers of its various TV programs.

The goal of the partnership is to promote the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences’ deer research, educate media consumers and garner attention that will translate to research funding for the Deer Lab.

“We are very excited to have this opportunity to share our research with Deer and Deer Hunting readers. Our hope is that we are able to give them a better understanding of white-tailed deer behavior that will ultimately make them more successful in their hunting and management efforts,” said Ditchkoff.

Founded in 1977, Deer and Deer Hunting was America’s first whitetail-only publication. The television show is entering its 12th season and airs on Sportsman Channel. For more information, visit the website.