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Auburn University is offering a new program, Plainsmen’s Prep: A Bridge to Calculus, from Aug. 4-12. The program is designed to give approximately 70 incoming freshmen an exclusive opportunity to review pre-calculus and calculus topics needed to be successful in their college courses. Sponsored by Auburn University’s Academic Support Services and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Plainsmen’s Prep: A Bridge to Calculus is also designed to acclimate students to the rigors of the Auburn University environment. Students will interact with Auburn faculty, staff and undergraduate students to help aid in their transition and give them a head start on their success at Auburn University.

Included in the program is exposure to more than 30 hours of pre-calculus concepts developed and taught by Auburn University mathematics faculty. Participants will hear lectures and utilize classroom technology, experience small group study sessions and collaborative learning activities led by faculty, staff and successful undergraduate students. Workshops discuss time management, study skills and extracurricular activities that encourage community building and socialization with other incoming first-year students. At the end of the program, participants will take a mathematics placement exam. For more information on Plainsmen’s Prep: A Bridge to Calculus, visit the website.