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If you, or someone you know, has difficulty hearing or clearly understanding what is being said, the Auburn University Speech and Hearing Clinic invites you to receive a free hearing screening, followed by a hearing aid seminar, on Wednesday, June 22, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at the Student Center. The hearing screening will take place at the Speech and Hearing clinic in Haley Center, and then each participant will be escorted to the Student Center for an interactive session, which involves listening and comparing technology.

Marsha Kluesing, assistant clinical professor in the Department of Communication Disorders in the College of Liberal Arts, is overseeing this event. “Information, provided by experts from three global hearing instrument manufacturers, may provide solutions for your hearing healthcare needs,” Kluesing said. “The results of the screening test will provide basic information regarding the most appropriate technology for the individual.”

To make an appointment, or to get more information, contact the Speech and Hearing Clinic by calling 844-9600.