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Due to the Music and Miracles Concert being held at Jordan-Hare Stadium on Saturday, April 23, several parking lots will be closed.

All lot closures will not reopen until 12:01 am on Sunday, April 24. Students with PC1 parking may park in the PC2 or C zone spaces if they cannot find a space in the PC1 lot from April 14-23.  Those with A, B and PC2 parking may park in the PC1 or C zone spaces if they cannot find a space in their regular zone from April 18-23. Students parking in the RW lot must move their vehicles by 11 p.m. on the night of April 22 to the RO/C lot. Students parking in the RX lot must move their vehicles by 11 p.m. on April 22 to either the RO/C lot or the Poultry Science lot. 

All PC1 and PC2 closures impact C zone parking after 2:30 p.m. Monday-Friday from April 14-22.

Closure dates and lots:

April 14-23

6 a.m. - North portion of East Coliseum Lot from entrance opposite the road to the back of the Fitness Center to Heisman Drive (PC1)

April 18-23

6 a.m. - First row/both sides facing Heisman and row facing Donahue from Heisman to the big island in the lot (B, PC2)

April 23

 6 a.m. – Magnolia/Donahue Lot (A, B, PC3)

               Small lot behind Public Safety (B, RW)

               Village West (RW)

               Arena Lot (A, B, PC2)

               Coliseum Lot (PC1)

               Biggio Drive between Samford and Coliseum Drive (A, B, C)

               Lowder Lot and War Eagle Way (A, B)

               Stadium Deck (A, B)

               Athletics Deck (A, B, RD)

               Comer Lot (A, B)

               Allison/Parker and Graves Drive (A, B)

               South Quad Deck (B, RX)

               ETV (A, B, C)

               CDV (C)

Lots available on April 23 for faculty, staff and student parking but will be available for free public parking for those going to the concert

                     Poultry Science

                     P.O. Davis

                     Duncan Drive

                     Hill Residence Area

                     Library Deck


                     New Chemistry

                     Engineering Drive

                     Wilmore Drive



                     Gravel lot with the wooden fence across from AU Medical Clinic

If you have any questions, call Parking Services at 844-4143 or e-mail