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Auburn University’s Diversity and Tolerance Organization will host a “Table of Abraham: Inter-religious Dialogue in the Abrahamic Religions” dinner on Wednesday, April 20, from 7-8:30 p.m. in 2222 and 2223 Student Center.

During the Table of Abraham dinner, a panel of speakers representing each Abrahamic religion will discuss religious traditions and explain their faiths. Richard Penaskovic will represent Christianity, Paula Gray Hunker will represent Judaism and Kemal Korucu will represent Islam. For each topic brought up for discussion, each speaker will give a brief interpretation of the topic from their own religious background, and then the panel will discuss the topic further. Through the event, the Diversity and Tolerance Organization hopes to acknowledge the demand and importance for interfaith dialogue and the positive role it can play in society. Although this event represents Judaism, Christianity and Islam, all religious are welcome to attend.

The event is free, but registration by Monday, April 18, is required. Participants can register online. Dinner will be provided in accordance with halal and kosher requirements.