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The subject of this week's Take 5 on the Auburn University homepage is Warren Smith, a second-year pharmacy student in the Harrison School of Pharmacy. A native of Tallassee, Alabama, Smith leads a normal pharmacy-student life for the most part. He goes to class, visits patients and meets with his study groups. When Smith is not working on his pharmacy coursework, he can be found upstairs in the research labs working under Dr. Vishnu Suppiramaniam. While working on his doctor of pharmacy, or Pharm.D. degree, Smith is also a part of a select group of students who are pursuing a dual-degree program that allows him to also work toward his doctorate in pharmaceutical sciences. While he is still early in the research/doctorate portion of his path, he has already been recognized for his work as he was named an Express Scripts Scholar last fall, becoming one of just four students in the nation to be awarded a $10,000 scholarship to further his education in the dual-degree program. [Read more]