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The recent December storms have resulted in reports of various damage around the Auburn University campus. As departments return from the holiday break please check all buildings for any damage that may have been caused by rain, wind or flood water. For repairs and cleanup contact Facilities Management at 844-HELP. 

Risk Management and Safety will also need to be notified of any damages in order to initiate claim handling and to coordinate any disaster related claims with FEMA. Please call Risk Management at 844-4533, or send an email to to report any claims for damages, including damage to buildings, contents, roadways, parking lots, storm drains, fences, etc. Do all you can to protect undamaged property and preserve damaged contents or take photos before you dispose of anything. Document the damage by taking pictures of damaged property and making a list including a description, type of damage, quantity, brand name, its cost, model and serial number (if appropriate) and your estimate of the loss amount, as detailed information may be required for insurance reimbursement or FEMA assistance.      

Please contact Risk Management and Safety at 844-4533 with any questions.