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A national survey showed that more than half of smartphone owners use their mobile devices to look up health information and manage their banking finances. Other search topics included finding a place to live, looking for a new job and retrieving education content. This kind of information is personal and should be treated in many cases as confidential information that needs protection. National Cyber Security Awareness Month kicks off this week and the Office of Information Technology, or OIT, is urging everyone to STOP and THINK before they CONNECT.

As the survey exposed, people use mobile devices to perform many sensitive data transactions. It’s extremely important to use these powerful devices we hold at our fingertips in responsible and safe ways. Check out OIT's "Keep it Safe" website for tips and information on how to connect safely to the internet, how to spot phishing scams and how to secure mobile devices.

Throughout the month of October, look for tips about smartly using social media, texting and walking, using official app stores, mobile etiquette, texting and driving, and safely shopping online.

Join OIT on the Haley concourse, Tuesday, Oct.13, from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. IT professionals will be present to help students and employees with many of their mobile security and connection needs, such as setting up lock screens, configuring email and Wi-Fi and installing recommended apps. Along with IT support, the volunteers will be distributing swag and raising awareness on specific mobile security issues such as posting content online, Wi-Fi connection safety, online shopping and more.