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GCA Services Group will replace Centaur as Auburn University’s new custodial service provider. GCA will provide custodial services to the main campus, College of Veterinary Medicine and auxiliary facilities.

“We are excited about the transition to a new custodial contractor and see it as an opportunity to deliver better service across campus at a more competitive price to the university,” said Dan King, associate vice president of Facilities Management. “In particular, this contract was developed with greater emphasis on quality control and processes for enhanced performance monitoring.”

The university signed a three-year contract with GCA to begin Nov. 12, 2015. There is an option to extend services for two one-year periods, providing services are acceptable during the first three years.

GCA has an impressive custodial service portfolio focused on education markets. It provides “full service” facility services to more than 80 colleges and universities throughout the nation.

GCA representatives will arrive on campus soon to begin assessing buildings as the contract transition period takes place through Jan. 30, 2016.

“The goal of this transition is to increase the level of service being provided to campus,” said Barnese Adair-Wallace, Facilities Management director of Building Services. “Campus departments do not need to do anything special or different as part of this transition. We are working with GCA to ensure it is as seamless as possible for all involved.”

If there are any questions concerning the transition, please contact Victoria Tate, assistant director of Building Services, at 703-7438, or Lewando McGruder, contract services manager for Building Services at 703-8573.