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An article written by Mary Sandage, assistant professor in the Department of Communication Disorders in the College of Liberal Arts, has been selected for inclusion in the Elsevier Research Selection, an e-newsletter for science journalists and reporters.

The article, “The Perception of Benefit of Vocalization on Sport Performance When Producing Maximum Effort” was published in a recent issue of Journal of Voice. Sandage and her co-authors explore the phenomenon of athletes who grunt during competition. The results of their study indicated that 56 percent of the participating athletes indicated a belief that the production of voice during maximum effort provided a performance advantage. Participants of the study were men and women over the age of 19 and were recruited from sports teams and gyms throughout the United States. The researchers suggest further trials to monitor intensity and pitch of voice produced during maximum effort and believe that additional insight may also help healthcare providers to refine treatment pathways for athletes with voice disorders. To read more, visit Science Direct’s website.