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The Office of Human Resource Development in partnership with the COMPASS Team will offer “SP100: Sponsored Projects Certification” during the fall term. The certification program is a balanced overview of the basic principles, regulations and processes surrounding sponsored project administration and will provide important information and understanding about sponsored projects for those who are an integral component of sponsored project administration at Auburn University. Participants will learn about sources of federal, state and local funding for research and other extramurally funded projects, sponsor agencies, industry and foundation sponsors, institutional models, the grant award cycle and the typical roles and responsibilities seen in sponsored project administration.

The course covers the life cycle of a sponsored project; issues that arise; the options and policies for addressing these issues; and leading to the successful completion of sponsored projects. Participants will understand sponsored project management problems with a greater appreciation for their complexity and apply the processes and tools needed for problem avoidance and resolution. The award of a certificate means the holder has completed the required courses and related work at an acceptable level of academic accomplishment.

The course will begin on Aug. 26 and end on Dec. 9. Participants will meet on 14 Wednesday mornings during the fall term and will need to attend all sessions to receive the certificate. A course syllabus will be provided outlining course dates. All class sessions will be held in room 1204 A at the HRD Training Facility located at 1550 E. Glenn Ave. OM190: Introduction to Sponsored Projects Administration is a pre-requisite for this course. Enrollment will open on Monday, July 27. Participation is limited to 12 enrollees, and priority will be given to those persons who have not completed the certification program in the past. To register, log in to your Fast-Train homepage via AU Access and search for SP100. For questions concerning enrollment, please contact Mary Elizabeth Fukai at, or (334) 844-7391.