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Auburn faculty and staff will receive in early May an email with an online ticket application for the 2015 football season. The Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics established a new priority point system that determines seat location, and those changes may impact your season ticket decisions.

Seat locations for 2015 will be managed exactly as in previous years. However, for the 2016 season, the new system will award priority points based only on the number of years that tickets have been purchased.

In addition, seats assigned to faculty and staff in 2015 will be locked-in. Ticket holders will keep those same seats for 2016 and beyond as long as they continuously purchase tickets or decide to take advantage of any available seat upgrade opportunities. Those who don't purchase this year will lose their previous seating priority, and any future purchases will be based solely on the new system.

Applications must be completed online by May 31.

Please visit for complete information on the seat priority policy and other changes for faculty and staff athletics tickets.