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Earlier this month, Timothy Fuerst, a fourth-year student completing a double major in architecture and interior architecture in the College of Architecture, Design and Construction added one more accomplishment to his ePortfolio: the Outstanding ePortfolio Award.

Fuerst received the honor during the second annual ePortfolio Award Luncheon hosted by Provost Timothy Boosinger. The ePortfolio Project, an initiative that promotes learning through the creation of integrative portfolios, recognized the exceptional work of 13 students at the event.

“These students have invested countless hours into creating something that is more than just a collection of the work they have completed while at Auburn," Boosinger said. "They have created a resource that demonstrates their knowledge, skills, passion and capacity to impact the world beyond Auburn."

Finalists were nominated by faculty or peers, and their ePortfolios were reviewed by a committee made up of faculty and students. The awards were based on the four primary learning outcomes of the ePortfolio Project: effective communication, critical thinking through reflection, visual literacy and technical competence.

The Awards Subcommittee noted that Fuerst’s ePortfolio “carefully integrates aesthetic elements with professional written explanations, creating an engaging experience for his audience. He demonstrates the connections between his double major in architecture and interior architecture and the way his various experiences have shaped him as a designer.”

Hannah Lynne Sims, a senior in the College of Nursing, received the second place award. Two students received honorable mention for their superior ePortfolios: Kristen Harlin in graphic design in the College of Architecture, Design and Construction and Michael Perez in construction engineering in the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering. These students presented clear and thorough ePortfolios that highlight their experiences, both educational and professional.

The luncheon also marked the inaugural presentation of the Gary Brown ePortfolio Faculty Cohort Award, which recognizes faculty members who have exhibited a spirit of collaboration and joint ownership for implementing ePortfolios. The award is named in honor of Gary Brown, a national leader in innovative teaching and the use of ePortfolios. Chuck Hemard, Jessye McDowell and Gary Wagoner won the award, representing the Department of Art and Art History.

Lesley Bartlett, assistant director of University Writing, ePortfolio Project, said, “We’re proud of the work these finalists have done, and we look forward to continuing to support faculty and students in their efforts to implement and create ePortfolios here at Auburn.”

More information about the ePortfolio Project can be found at this website