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TigerView, produced by Auburn University in partnership with EBSCO Meda, and in coordination with the Office of Communications and Marketing, is an augmented reality app that enables smartphones and tablets to overlay print communications with enhanced media like videos and slideshows. Content-rich, immersive, interactive experiences can now be added to traditional printed communication. TigerView allows Auburn University organizations to create linkages between print media, video, social media and websites, while also capturing metrics about reach and impact with powerful analytics. Augmented reality is a useful tool for marketing and communication, instruction, signage and more.

To learn more about TigerView and opportunities to utilize augmented reality, join representatives from EBSCO Media and from Auburn University’s Office of External Engagement and Support on Friday, March 13, at 1 p.m. in 109 CASIC Building in Research Park. For more information, contact Leslie Parsons at 844-6147 or