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On Tuesday, Feb. 24, from 4 to 6 p.m., the College of Sciences and Mathematics’ Museum of Natural History and the Alabama Natural Heritage Program will host science writers Sarah Keartes and Jason Goldman who will present a workshop on science communication. Keartes is a staff writer for Earth Touch News Network and contributor to Southern Fried Science. Goldman is a staff writer and podcaster with Earth Touch News Network who regularly contributes to media outlets such as Scientific American, BBC Future, Conservation Magazine, io9, The Guardian and The Washington Post. Earth Touch News Network is a science news organization that produces videos and written pieces about wildlife and nature for dissemination to a wide audience through a variety of platforms, including film, television and web. Keartes and Goldman will deliver a short presentation on leveraging the Internet for science communication, and attendees are encouraged to bring ideas from their own research to workshop ways to frame stories for journalists, as well as for general audiences, through blogs and social media.

The workshop will take place in 122 Sciences Center Classrooms Building and is open to students, faculty and staff. For more information, contact Candis Birchfield at