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Faculty and instructors who would like to obtain feedback about their teaching can request a Small Group Instructional Feedback (SGIF) session through the Biggio Center website. SGIFs will be conducted Feb. 23 through March 20. On the website you will find information about how the instructional feedback process works. In short, during the formative evaluation session, the Biggio Center consultants gather voluntary and anonymous student perspectives about the course and the teaching. Afterward, the instructor is provided with a summary and suggestions for improved teaching.

Because of the volume of requests, only one course section per instructor can be accommodated for the in-class session, and SGIF priority will be given to first-time requestors. Another option is electronic feedback, called BigMid, which is suggested for large classes or those with multiple course sections. Read more about Instructional Feedback and make your request online. For more information, go to the Biggio Center website, email or call (334) 844-8530.