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Once spring semester classes start on Jan. 14, Tiger Transit will provide a transportation alternative to university and private vehicles for faculty and staff needing to travel between campus and the East Glenn offices of the new Auburn University Administrative Support Facility, which now houses offices for Human Resources and Payroll and Benefits.

Tiger Transit service between campus and the new Administrative Support Facility near the corner of East Glenn Avenue and East University Drive will be available on class days via the North Auburn line.
 By using the buses instead of cars, employees will not have to give up their parking spots and look for another upon their return. Although buses do not run between semesters, parking is less of a problem when classes are not in session.

Two buses running approximately 20 minutes apart will depart and return to the Mell Street station on campus every class day, Monday-Friday, between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The route, which was also used during fall semester, turns north on Dean Road to East University Drive, with its final stop at the new administrative center on East Glenn. The trip to that point takes approximately 25 minutes. The nonstop return trip goes directly from the East Glenn center to the Mell Street station in about 10 minutes.

For more information on Tiger Transit, go to this website.