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The Biggio Center for Enhancement of Teaching and Learning at Auburn University will host a Professional Development Seminar on Wednesday, Jan. 21, to help faculty continue teaching during and after sudden campus closures.

Considerable time is required to plan a flipped classroom course (where content is delivered outside of face-to-face time, and the class period is used to apply content). When snow falls, flu strikes or the campus is closed for other unanticipated reasons, “flipping on the fly” can be a productive teaching strategy.

The seminar will sample some models of fast flipping, including setting up video conference classes, quickly building online quizzes and facilitating group work and problem-solving. Participants will have ample time to plan how they might flip their courses in the event of a campus closure.

In Foy 246 from 12:15 to 1:30 p.m., the seminar will be facilitated by Biggio Center Director Diane Boyd and Instructional Designer Betsy Gilbertson. For additional information, contact the Biggio Center via email or call 844-8530.