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The College of Agriculture will host a viewing of "The Economics of Food Waste in the Contemporary Marketplace" webinar on Wed., Jan. 14, from 2 to 3 p.m. in 109 Comer Hall. Food waste occurs when edible food is thrown out at the retail, restaurant or household level. Supermarkets and other food retailers discard edible foods that are discolored or oddly shaped, whose properties are unappealing to the consumer. Food disposal can also occur when a food product is of subpar quality, not inline with the retail standards. Edible food may be thrown away during food prep processes at retail and in the home or as a result of the misunderstanding of food date labeling terms. Food waste is one component of food loss, which includes any edible food that is not consumed after it is harvested. Speakers will include Jean Buzby, Chief of Diet, Safety and Health Economics with USDA's Economic Research Service; Rosetta Newsom, CFS, Director of Science and Policy Initiatives for the Institute of Food Technologists; and Tiffany Kollar, JD, Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery of the EPA. Students, faculty and staff are invited to join this webinar. Questions can be directed to Megan Ross at