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With the holiday season approaching, people are decorating, travel planning, and perhaps most prevalently, gift buying. One gift that can bring love and joy to your household is a pet for you or a loved one, but Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine faculty wants you to be prepared and ready to accept a new member of the family. Dr. Robert Lofton, a retired private-practice veterinarian, turned clinical faculty member who teaches community practice to fourth-year students at the Auburn University Veterinary Clinic, says that more than 30 percent of all pets given as a gift for Christmas won’t be living in the same home within one year. To ensure the pet will be loved and cared for, and that the owner is prepared to accept the responsibility of pet ownership, Dr. Lofton has provided 12 key points to consider before deciding to leave a pet under the tree. To read the 12 points visit the College of Veterinary Medicine's website.